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Q - How much does an average addition cost?

A - There is no such thing as an “average” addition – each project is unique and this is reflected in the price. Many things affect the price of an addition – size, complexity, types materials used, quality of finishes and existing site conditions, to name just a few. Star Constructions’ Project Estimator visits your home in order to understand the scope of your project so that we can provide you with an exact cost for your addition. Currently, Star Construction has projects under construction that range from $100 - $300 per square foot. Simple jobs may fall at the bottom end of this range and our highly customized, complex jobs are more expensive. We can work with you to make your project fit your budget.

Q - How long will it take to complete my addition?

A – The time it takes to permit a job depends on the complexity of the job. From the time your architectural plans are ready for submittal, Star Construction requires approximately two weeks for planning to gather all the information necessary to submit for a building permit application. The municipal plan review process normally lasts between four and six weeks, but this can vary depending on your building department's current workload. Once a permit is issued, we can usually commence work within two weeks and completion depends on various factors, such as weather conditions, inspections and material availability.


Q - I've been trying to decide whether to move to a larger home or to build an addition on my current home. What are the benefits of building an addition?

A - Building an addition has several advantages over moving. Today's South Florida real estate market is as robust as it has ever been. Finding a reasonably priced new home is very difficult and expensive. Most people have sticker shock over the price of a larger home with just one additional bedroom. This is especially the case when they find out how much more they will pay in taxes on a new home. If your current home has been protected by a homestead exemption for any period of time, your taxes are significantly lower than they will be on a new home that is being taxed at full market value. Moving a four person household using a professional mover costs anywhere from $5-10,000. The cost of the real estate transaction is also expensive. Approximately 6 percent of the sale goes to a realtor and you will pay around 5 percent of the new home price in closing costs. Sadly, all of these expenses are just for the transaction. You still have to pay for the additional space in the sale price of the new home. You will not incur any of these expenses with a new addition to your existing home.


Q - Do I need to be physically present during the building process?

A - Normally you do not need to be onsite during construction. Our staff is responsible for handling all inspections and all aspects of construction. We will coordinate any access issues as necessary. Our project Manager will meet with you after your permit is issued and before construction begins. This pre-construction meeting is necessary to go over scheduling, discuss the construction process, identify any special site requirements and any special needs you may have.


Q - Will I need to move out of my house during construction?

A - The majority of our additions do not require you to move out of your home. We are able to keep you separated from the construction area until the very end of the construction process when the addition is opened and integrated into the existing home.

Some additions do require the homeowner to move out of the home during construction. This is required for additions that include the replacement of the entire roof of your home or when the area where the addition is being constructed hinders your ability to live in your home. When an addition includes kitchen expansions or bathroom expansions, the homeowner may prefer to leave if their facilities aren't functional for an extended period of time.


Q - Is Star Construction licensed and insured?

A - Yes! Star Construction carries a $1.6 Million Liability Insurance Policy and provides workers compensation insurance for all of its employees. All the subcontractors that work on our jobs have insurance as prescribed by law.

Star Construction is a State Certified Building Contractor (CRC010047) and a member of the BBB and the South Florida Builders Association. Star has been sanctioned as an approved home improvement provider by the UTD, (United Teachers of Dade) and  Branch 1071 of the National Association of  Letter Carriers. We are also members of the North Miami Chamber of Commerce.


Q - What is the Florida Lien Law?

A - Legislation pertaining to the Florida Lien Law, Chapter 713.06(3) has created a “Safety Valve” for the homeowner in order to make you aware of certain suppliers that may involve their lien rights. We file and record a " Notice of Commencement" as required under Florida Statutes.

You will be receiving various “NOTICE TO OWNER” forms, either by regular or registered mail. Copies of these notices are also sent to us. Please be advised that these notices are NOT liens... and to assure you of your legal protection, Star Construction Co. Inc. will furnish you with a “WAIVER OF LIEN” and “CONTRACTORS FINAL AFFIDAVIT” at completion and final payment of your job, assuring you that all suppliers and material men have been paid in full.

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